May 2005

Click the link to a great American Folktale Website. It’s worth bookmarking for future reference. You might even try telling one of those stories to a class in the Fall. Notice I said “tell” and not “read”. Get the hint? In addition check out the bottom of the homepage!


Great news. The online database bill passed through the Legislature yesterday. This means the Texas State Library will be able to broker with the database vendors. I will keep you posted through the blog during the summer as we find out details and what it means for Region VII Libraries.

If you wrote a letter or contacted your Legislator in any way concerning this bill, you must have been heard. Congratulations!

Summer reading is an important component of an overall reading program. Research shows that summer vacation often has a significant negative effect on student learning. Providing opportunities for students to read regularly during the summer can prevent documented reading achievement losses. The bottom line is that students who read during the summer do better in the fall.

Here are suggestions from the MarcoPolo website

Sherre Sachar comes from a book-loving family. Her father, Louis, is an award-winning author, and the graduating senior thinks that settling down with a good book should be one of life’s great joys. But as she prepares to leave high school and head to Cornell University in the fall, she is tired of reading.

Read the rest of the article in the Washington Post.

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