Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 15:19:44 -0500
From: Donna Cook
Subject: A little collaboration thing (with art teachers)

One of the things I’ve done that I think would qualify under “the little things we do that should be viewed as a form of collaboration” is to set up the screensavers on all the library computers to teach art. The art teacher and I went to and chose screensavers under the Webshots “fine arts” category. We put five different examples of fine art on each library computer, and programmed them to randomly cycle through the five. Anyone in the library, or even just walking down the hall past the library, is exposed to a constant art show of nearly 100 different pieces of art. I learned you have to be careful with Webshots to disable its feature that loads a new picture on each day. I also disable the wallpaper feature, and I delete the sample set of set of pictures Webshots automatically loads. Then it is a simple matter to choose five examples of fine art for each computer. The art teachers think it is marvelous, and I enjoy all the art myself. It is a “simple thing” that is one more way to collaborate with the classroom.