I copied the folowing blog post from a site called Librarian in the Middle. Even though blogs might be new territory for you (although I guess you are reading this one!), you may find the links very worthwhile. If follow these links and find an especially good one or two, please make a post in the Comments section of this blog. You can comments anonymously if you want to.

YA Reviews on Blogs

By Robert on YA Author Blogs and Sites

These are blogs I currently have set for feeds. Most are authors, students, librarians, reviewers, or combinations of those. All are avid readers! Some get ARCs or galleys so we can get a heads-up on new stuff. I generally add their recommendations to a consideration file and then compare review journal input. Often, their discussion of a book works well when kids ask about a book I haven’t read.

Most also post about other aspects of their lives, conferences, discussions with other authors, resources they use, etc. Setting up feeds in a news (RSS) reader makes it easy to skim parts you may not be as interested in.

Book Moot Occasional reviews; book news, author pieces. Good lists of YA author sites and blogs and other YA literature resources.

The Goddess of YA Literature “…professor of children’s and YA literature in a Library Science department…” Brief impressions of recently read (and she is a prolific reader!). I think every book mentioned winds up on my order list. And, of course, some are galleys so I’ll have to wait a bit before they get on the shelves.

cynsations Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog. Interviews with authors, news and resources. Thorough reviews.

The YA Novel and Me Author discusses writing and provides reviews.

Kids Lit: Books and More for Kids and Teens Public library director’s blog with reviews of books, magazines. Also good links to news and activities of interest.

Young Adult (& Kid’s) Books Central Blog Offers longer, well-written reviews as well as author interviews and bios. Also has reader submitted reviews.

Muller in the Middle Descriptions of books read by Frederick Muller, a middle school librarian. Lots of reading being done here. Searchable.

Orange Splot Librarian’s reviews of YA, mostly fantasy. Good insights.

Chicken Spaghetti Newer site. Has pointed out some promising books I hadn’t heard about elsewhere. Also has links to awards, events, and sundry other stuff.

Original Content Gail Gauthier’s blog talks about YA and Child Lit issues, publishing and offers good critical analysis of new books. I like that she talks about what doesn’t work in the writing

Richie’s Picks: Great Books for Children and Young Adults Long reviews, with short section of book included. Detailed analysis and insights. No feed, but posts to Child_Lit.

Scholar’s Blog Good reviews and analysis. Focus is on fantasy.

The Lady Rona: A Youth Literature Chronicle Good reviews as well as analysis of classics as well as new books.