From School Library Journal
Facts on File Offered Free of Charge

Laura B. Weiss — 8/23/2005

Looking for a way to stretch your budget? Beginning in early September, Facts On File News Services, as part of its 65th anniversary celebration, is offering libraries and schools free unrestricted access to all of its subscription databases via the database.

The company will also offer free access to FactsforLearning, the elementary and middle school reference database that combines activities and information from World Almanacbooks, Weekly Reader magazine, Funk &Wagnalls, Gareth Stevens curriculum e-reference, and Teacher Created Materials. Media specialists and librarians can also sign up for schoolwide free access to FactsforLearning.

Register at by October 31. The company’s anniversary will also be marked by a special event at the American Association of School Librarians conference in Pittsburgh on October 7, and by other celebrations throughout the 2005–2006 anniversary year.