C-SPANClassroom.org, a web site for Civics and U.S. Government teachers, has re-launched! C-SPAN Classroom worked with its Teaching Fellows this summer to create a site that would make it even easier for middle and high school civics and government teachers to bring C-SPAN video into their classrooms.

The new site offers short clips of C-SPAN video and other resources such as PDFs and relevant links, organized by six major topic areas based on national and selected state standards:

–Principles of Government
–U.S. Constitution
–Legislative Branch
–Executive Branch
–Judicial Branch
–Political Participation

C-SPAN Classroom will update these video clips weekly, and sometimes daily, to provide Civics and U.S. Government teachers the most useful and topical content. Each of these video clips have also been linked to national and selected state standards.

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As with our former site, all content is copyright cleared for classroom use. View our copyright policy:

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*Note: The former site will still be available through a link on the new site’s homepage.