One title on the 2006-07 Bluebonnet list has an alias. The book Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083 went into prepublication with a different title, No Child’s Game: Reality TV 2083. It was listed this way in the catalog and apparently on an early edition (a very small print run).

And then the title was changed. Where the book is showing up with the No Child’s Game title is in a number of book fairs. But it is the same book (except for title) as Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083. No other changes, no abridgements.

This situation has occurred before when a paperback book sported a title different from the hardcover book. I believe the solution for those who housed both editions was to create an extra added entry in the OPEC.

But, bottom line is: No Child’s Game: Reality TV 2083 = Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083. If kids read either title they should be given credit for reading a 2006-07 Bluebonnet Book. And, who knows, those of you with No Child’s Game may wind up with a real collector’s item.

Betty Carter
Texas Bluebonnet Program Coordinator