Please Note: We end Weed of the Month as it began 8 years ago, with the topic of space and astronomy. Yes, after a long run–over 8 years–SUNLINK is ending the Weed of the Month feature this month. Since September 1997, SUNLINK has provided guidance for weeding a new topic each month during the school year. We also provided suggested titles to consider for weeding as well as for adding to the collection.

We’d like to thank the many LM_NET members who throughout the years have suggested weeding topics, titles to reconsider, titles to add, and reported titles they found that surprised (and appalled) them! Special thanks to the SUNLINK staff who took this on as a labor of love for all these years–as usual, going above and beyond for school library media specialists: Linda Miller, Carol McWilliams, John Prevosk, Kathy Katz, Matt Renfroe, Debbie Culp and Leann Karschner. Thanks to the Florida Department of Education for allowing us the time to research and compile the information and to share it with LM_NET.

We appreciate your support of Weed of the Month! Don’t despair! The Weed of the Month Archive has been recently redesigned on our website with the topics arranged by Dewey number. Remember that this *IS* an archive
so some content may be dated. Visit it at And watch for a new book from ALA Editions inspired by Weed of the Month sometime in 2006.

Happy Holidays from all of us at SUNLINK. It has been a pleasure working with you! We wish you weed-free, up-to-date collections!!!

Donna Baumbach for the SUNLINK Staff
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL