Charles J Greenberg writes “BALTIMORE, MD, November 1, 2005: Biomedical information professionals at eight university medical centers around the country have received a Dept. of Education Institute for Museum and Library Studies(IMLS) three-year Project Grant to develop, test, and evaluate effective ways of introducing secondary school minority students to biomedical information careers and the academic path that can lead them there. Institutional teams at each academic setting (Georgetown University, Houston Academy of Medicine / Texas Medical Center, Howard University, University of Colorado, Johns Hopkins University, Washington University / St. Louis, Yale University, University of Tennessee) will collaborate with local secondary school partners and offer high school students internships, mentoring possibilities, and shadowing opportunities that introduce students to the fast-paced and high-tech world of contemporary bioinformatics professions. Please contact Charlie Greenberg if you wish to be added to an email announcement list for online project resources and student intern and shadowing opportunities.”