The Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project
The mission of the Baldwin Online Children’s Literature Project is to bring together a wide selection of literature for children from the period from 1880 to 1920. The project is named after the noted author James Baldwin (not to be confused with the noted African-American novelist of the 20th century) who was responsible for adapting a number of stories (such as the story of Siegfried) for children in the late 19th century. The creator of this fine online archive is Lisa Ripperton, who has a background in classics, and maintains a strong affinity for the ancient world and children’s literature. First-time visitors to the site will want to read an introductory piece offered here that explains how the site works, and then proceed to one of the 256 books that are currently part of the archive. Some of these titles include classic works by Beatrix Potter, Clara Dillingham Pierson, and M. B. Synge. Visitors may also peruse the offerings here as listed by author, title, genre, or subgenre. Persons who find themselves moved to do so may also want to sign up to volunteer to assist with this worthwhile endeavor by offering to prepare a book or two for inclusion on the site.