Restless youngsters—be they in the library, computer lab, or car—have a delightful new source for storytelling: Storynory.The site features free “iPod-ready stories for kids,” ranging from popular classics, such as “Sleeping Beauty” to lesser-known gems like the Japanese tale “The Cat’s Elopement.” And the Apple device isn’t required. You can listen to “storynories” on your computer using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or iTunes, or download the audio files and transfer to any portable MP3 player or burn to a CD.

Storynory was quietly launched in November 2005 by London-based blog consultants Hugh Fraser and Matthew Lynn. “We don’t have any sponsorship. We fund it out of our own pockets,” says Fraser, a journalist by training. But a grassroots e-mail campaign addressed to the online education community has resulted in a growing word-of-mouth buzz. “Our audio stories are getting roughly 3,500 downloads a month, each” says Fraser. Natasha Lee-Lewis, an actress, reads the stories in a lilting British accent, though at a slow enough pace to keep the readings understandable for young listeners.