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“The sheer amount of books, multimedia, and databases for young people is growing faster than the hole in the ozone layer. We’re well aware of this since a large part of what we do at School Library Journal is evaluate and discuss this burgeoning world…Library budgets are flat or declining. There’s pressure to purchase multiple languages and formats to serve different learners. Digital content needs to be a part of the educational landscape. You want to encourage reading for pleasure as well as support the curriculum.

To make matters worse, book prices for preschool to grade four and nonfiction for grades five and up have risen sharply (although some adult prices have declined). But why point the finger just at publishers? Collection budgets also go toward many resources, like databases, for which we don’t have comparable data.

Source: Bowker’s Books in Print*Preliminary prices.**Prices include single-volume reference titles.***Prices include reference and related resources.The prices for children’s and YA titles are based on books published in the first half of 2006. Adult 2005 prices are based on 2004 data. For children’s and YA trade paperbacks, an informal survey of several publishers placed the average price at $8.95.”

Brian KenneyEditor-in-Chief