There are several very well known Print-On-Demand (POD) Publishers in the industry. Xlibris, iUniverse, and Lulu are just a few of them. They vary in the services they offer, but they all boast one thing: at the end of the process, you will have a manuscript printed and bound.I opted for Lulu for several reasons, mostly centering around price versus value. Lulu is one of the only major services that offers their basic print on demand services for free. Even the premium services are significantly cheaper with Lulu.What a basic POD service constitutes at Lulu is your book printed and bound in any number of styles (perfect bound, hardcover, spiral bound, and saddlestitched are all offered) and a storefront on Lulu’s site. The most expensive service, ISBN Plus (or “Global”) runs about $149 (the rumor is that the price is going to drop soon). With this, the author gets an ISBN number, and is uploaded into Ingram’s database as well as Books in Print. This allows bookstores and libraries to order the book easily. Most books, once uploaded to Ingram, go to Amazon, Barnes and, Books-a-million, and other online retailers within eight weeks. The catch is that none of the sites are required to carry your book. According to the folks at Lulu, the online retailers almost invariably carry POD books by default (though you may have to prompt them to upload your cover or “search inside” features). Web real estate is cheap, and every book is a potential sale.
Source: May 25, 2006