June 2006

Darwin’s tortoise dead at 176 Charles Darwin’s tortoise, Harriet, has died at the Australia Zoo near Brisbane. Darwin brought Harriet (then called Harry: Darwin was quite a naturalist, but an undistinguished tortoise-sexer as these things go) from the Galapagos Islands in 1835. I had the pleasure of meeting Harriet last spring. She was awesomely photogenic, and her keeper told us that she’d roamed free in the Brisbane botanical gardens, giving kids tortoise-back rides, until the botanists got tired of her eating the rare plants. At 176, she was thought to be the world’s oldest living tortoise.
Source: www.boingboing.com.net June 24, 2006


A website you should know about. The National Institute for Literacy http://www.nifl.gov/

The National Institute for Literacy, a federal agency, provides leadership on literacy issues, including the improvement of reading instruction for children, youth, and adults. In consultation with the U.S. Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services, the Institute serves as a national resource on current, comprehensive literacy research, practice, and policy.

The most recent edition of the PBS show NOW featured two segments of interest to librarians. One is a feature on Net Neutrality and the second is an interview with George Christian, the librarian who had a gag order placed on him for refusing to comply with a Patriot Act demand for records. The site offers information on Christian and his battle against the gag order, video coverage of the ACLU’s press conference after the gag order was lifted, a poll on net neutrality, and a discussion area on the Patriot Act. NOW also has a new podcast feature where you can listen to the program.
Source: Sights and Soundbites blog http://www.greenlakelibrary.org

Region 20 Education Service Center (ESC), on behalf of the Texas Education Agency (TEA), is requesting applications from independent school districts to reimburse public school teachers and campus library media specialists for personal, out-of-pocket classroom supply expenses. The CSTR program will be implemented during the 2006-2007 school year.

The on-line RFA and program guidelines are available at http://cstr.esc20.net