July 2006

Follett Software Company, the leading vendor of K-12 library automation including Destiny Resource Management, announced today that it has acquired the Sagebrush Corporation’s library automation business. Sagebrush is the second-leading K-12 automation vendor.

The merger means that Follett will have roughly seventy percent of the school library automation market, according Vanderbilt University’s Marshall Breeding, author of Library Journal’s annual automation survey. Both companies have recently produced major new products. In 2004, Follett introduced Destiny Library Manager and in 2005 Sagebrush released InfoCentre, a successor to Winnebago Spectrum and Sagebrush Athena.

Terms of the acquisition were not made public. Sagebrush is a privately helped company which has been in the automation business since 1982. Sagebrush Books and Sagebrush Library Services will continue as a new separate company. Follett Software is a subsidiary of Follett Corporation, a $2.2 billion, privately-held education products company.

According to Library Journal’s Automation Marketplace 2006, the two company’s 2005 sales were nearly identical. Sagebrush sold InfoCentre to 3541 libraries. Follett sold Destiny Library Manager for Districts to 273 districts with 3180 schools. They also sold Destiny Library Manager for Schools to 373 schools.

Follett and Sagebruch both have federated, or metasearch products, each of which earned strong sales in 2005. Follett also has its Circulation Plus family of products—designed for stand alone schools—as well as a product for textbook inventory control and a media manager.

“Delivering outstanding support to our new customers is of utmost importance to us and we plan to continue supporting Sagebrush products for the foreseeable future,” said Tom Schenck, President of Follett Software. The Sagebrush automation business will initially operate under the Sagebrush name as a Follett subsidiary, according a statement released by Follett. Eventually it will be integrated into Follett Software Company.


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